“Mary of Nazareth”, the new movie!

I can hardly wait to see the new movie about Our Blessed Mother Mary!  For more info, please read this Facebookmary of nazareth post by Fr. Donald Calloway.  It gives his take on the film, which he terms “an absolute masterpiece!”


Okay, my friends, are you ready for this! Next month, Ignatius Press will be releasing the epic movie “Mary of Nazareth.” A few weeks ago, they asked me to review it and I was so in awe of what I viewed that this is what I wrote for them: “The most stunning portrayal of the Virgin Mary on film. It will make you want to love her more than ever. An absolute masterpiece!” Yes, my friends, we finally have a movie that gets Mary totally right! Trust me, I am super duper hard to please when it comes to any portrayal of Mary in film, but this one nailed it entirely! The actress (see attached pic) is incredible! Her acting is soft, extremely feminine, delicate, virtuous, and so perfectly displayed in her role as the Immaculata that you won’t believe it!. Her beauty is ageless, pure, and I have never seen Mary portrayed so perfectly in film. St. Joseph is also absolutely incredible, and I longed to be that blest man after watching this movie! Originally, this movie was done in Europe and was very long, but Ignatius Press obtained the copyright and masterfully edited it, and will begin offering it for large audiences beginning on September 8th of next month. I’m not sure when, but eventually it should be available for individual purchase, too. But, regardless, when it is released next month YOU MUST organize viewings in your area. You will love Our Lady in a much deeper way after viewing it. I am in love with her more now than ever! Long live the Princess of God!


9 thoughts on ““Mary of Nazareth”, the new movie!

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  2. hai i am a 21 years old catholic girl from a village in India i am so eager to watch this movie………..
    can i get it online.. is there any link?

  3. Me and my CCD class went to see this movie i thought it was the best movie i ever saw. I’m wondering if it is going to come out on DVD.

    • Hi Ryan, I check their website and they said Yes, it will likely be available at some point in the future – likely not until well into or near the end of 2014.

      I am looking forward to buying it also.

      Have a bless and Marry Christmas


  4. I really liked the movie, however I felt that there were major parts missing: The Last Supper, and many details from the crucifixion. I am aware that it must be difficult to fit everything into a production, but I feel as if these were MAJOR details that were missing. Overall though it was an emotional and very real portrail of our Blessed Mother.

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